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      济圣公司正式与Sunseal Enterprise合并

      作者:济圣 日期:2018-05-22 点击:2290

      上海济圣阀门有限公司正式以马来西亚Sunseal Enterprise合并海外订单有Sunseal Enterprise接单。

      Sunseal Enterprise company was established on 2006.  Sunseal is a company specialized in Hose & Seals. We are exclusive representative for world leading manufacturers.

      We are mainly supply to the Light & Heavy industries such as Electronic Firms, Steel & Paper Mills, Automotive, Aerospace, Semiconductor, Shipbuilding & Petrochemical Industries.

      Our mission is to supply our products in high quality & reliability to our customers.

      Our product brands are:

      Hose Protector

      Insulflex also offers standard accessories to compliment the insulation of Insulflex manufactured closed-cell elastomeric insulation.

      Insulflex Insulation Foam Tape is a self adhesive CFC free synthetic rubber based insulating tape for strong bonding and longer durability and yet retaining it’s insulating properties. Ideal for insulating pipe joints, valves, short pipe length and etc. It is quick and easy to apply.

      Insulflex Insulation Foam Tape adheres firmly to all types of pipe metal and plastic surface.

      It will not delaminate easily as the adhesive side is made of very high quality synthetic rubber based material.

      Industrial Hose

      With pressures high or low, transfer rates slow or fast and with materials as simple as air and water or as complex as hazardous chemicals—every industrial hose application requires something a little different.

      That’s why Sunseal industrial hose products are manufactured from a variety of compounds and reinforcements that can be customized by color and branding for quick and easy identification.


      Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals are a class of seals that are used in applications with either rotary or reciprocating motions.

      Pneumatic Seals are exposed to air with a minimum amount of lubrication. They are often used in pneumatic cylinders and valves and usually are not under high pressure, but exposed to high operating speeds.

      Hydraulic Seals are exposed to hydraulic fluids such as hydrocarbon and phosphate ester and are designed for high-pressure dynamic application.They are usually need to be  higher friction seals than pneumatic seals but often under lower operating speeds.

      We offer a wide range of standard and custom sized seal for Pneumatic / Hydraulic cylinders.  These include :

      Buffer Seals

      Dust / Wiper Seals

      Rod Seals

      Piston Seals

      Wear / Guide / Slide Rings or Tapes

      Vee Packing Seals

      Valve Seals

      We also providing Vee-Packing, PTFE Seal, Flexi-Seal, V-Rings/ Seals

      Hydraulic Hose & Components

      Hydraulic hose typically consists of at least three parts: an inner tube that carries the fluid, a reinforcement layer, and a protective outer layer.

      The inner tube must have some flexibility and needs to be compatible with the type of fluid it will carry. Commonly used compounds include synthetic rubber, thermoplastics, and PTFE, sometimes called Teflon. The reinforcement layer consists of one or more sheaths of braided wire, spiral-wound wire, or textile yarn. The outer layer is often weather-, oil-, or abrasion-resistant, depending upon the type of environment the hose is designed for.

      Not surprisingly, hydraulic hoses have a finite life. Proper sizing and use of the correct type of hose will certainly extend the life of a hose assembly, but there are many different factors that affect a hose’s lifespan. SAE identifies some of the worst offenses as:

      flexing the hose to less than the specified minimum bend radius

      twisting, pulling, kinking, crushing, or abrading the hose

      operating the hydraulic system above maximum or below minimum temperature

      exposing the hose to rapid or transient rises (surges) in pressure above the maximum operating pressure, and

      intermixing hose, fittings, or assembly equipment not recommended as compatible by the manufacturer or not following the manufacturer’s instructions for fabricating hose assemblies.


      Gauge Valve,Toggle Valve,Toggle Valve,Needle Valve,Ball Valve,Flanged Ball Valve快三平台app,Forged Fittings,Bended Fittings,Bite Type Fittings快三平台app,Clean Fittings,High Pressure Fittings快三平台app,37 Flared Fittngs,Hose Fittings,Thread Fittings,Tube Fittings


      A valve is a device that regulates, directs or controls the flow of a fluid (gases, liquids, fluidized solids, or slurries) by opening, closing, or partially obstructing various passageways. Valves are technically fittings, but are usually discussed as a separate category. In an open valve, fluid flows in a direction from higher pressure to lower pressure. The word is derived from the Latin valva, the moving part of a door, in turn fromvolvere, to turn, roll.

      The simplest, and very ancient, valve is simply a freely hinged flap which drops to obstruct fluid (gas or liquid) flow in one direction, but is pushed open by flow in the opposite direction. This is called a check valve, as it prevents or checksthe flow in one direction. Modern control valves may regulate pressure or flow downstream and operate on sophisticated automation systems.

      Valves have many uses, including controlling water for irrigation, industrial uses for controlling processes, residential uses such as on / off and pressure control to dish and clothes washers and taps in the home. Even aerosols have a tiny valve built in. Valves are also used in the military and transport sectors.

      We are selling different types of Valves such as :

      Ball Valves

      Needle Valves

      Check & Relief Valves

      Toggle Valves

      Gauge Valves

      O Rings:

      An O-ring is a torus, or doughnut-shaped ring, generally molded from an elastomer, although O-rings are also made from PTFE and other thermoplastic materials, as well as met- als, both hollow and solid. O-rings are used primarily for sealing. The various types of O-ring seals are described in this section under “Scope of O-Ring Use.” O-rings are also used as light-duty, mechanical drive belts.

      Advantages of O-Rings

      They seal over a wide range of pressure, temperature and tolerance.

      Ease of service, no smearing or retightening.

      No critical torque on tightening, therefore unlikely to cause structural damage.

      O-rings normally require very little room and are light in weight.

      In many cases an O-ring can be reused, an advantage over non-elastic flat seals and crush-type gaskets.

      Thedurationoflifeinthecorrectapplicationcorresponds to the normal aging period of the O-ring material.

      O-ring failure is normally gradual and easily identified.

      Where differing amounts of compression effect the seal function (as with flat gaskets), an O-ring is not effected because metal to metal contact is generally allowed for.

      For those who are unfamiliar with O-ring design, it is recommended to first study this introductory section, becoming familiar with the basic principles of O-ring seals, their common uses and general limitations.

      We are sell of:

      Oil Seals

      Polypack Seals

      CR Oil Seals

      Kalrez O-Ring

      Teflon O-Ring

      Viton O-Ring

      NBR O-Ring

      Encapsulated O-Ring


      Sunseal Enterprise

      2968, Jalan Perai,
      Taman Inderawasih,
      13600, Perai,
      Pulau Pinang, Malaysia


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