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      Malaysia JI SHENG VALVE office

      作者:Malaysia VALVE 日期:2017-06-13 点击:2065

      上海济圣阀门2017年正式授权Sunseal Enterprise为马来西亚办事处!

      Sunseal Enterprise company was established on 2006.  Sunseal is a company specialized in Hose & Seals. We are exclusive representative for world leading manufacturers.

      We are mainly supply to the Light & Heavy industries such as Electronic Firms, Steel & Paper Mills, Automotive, Aerospace, Semiconductor, Shipbuilding & Petrochemical Industries.

      Our mission is to supply our products in high quality & reliability to our customers.

      Our product brands are:

      Superlok快三平台app快三平台app、Parker Seals快三平台app快三平台app、Rexnoth快三平台app、Stauff快三平台app、Kalrex、NOK快三平台app、Gemu快三平台app、Aeroquip、TK Corporatior、Yokowa、Unigawa、Valqua快三平台app、Meiwa Packing、CR / Forsheda、Alfagomma、Vickers、Manuli Rubber Industries、Polypac Sealing Systems、Sakagam、Insurflex

      Sunseal Enterprise

      2968, Jalan Perai,
      Taman Inderawasih,
      13600, Perai,
      Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
      Tel604-3986588 Fax604-3997589 E-mail:sunyongchin@yahoo.com  http://sunseal.com.my/