What you call me

You think that of the millions of species
on this tiny planet
circling one of the billions of stars
in this lone galaxy
hurtling through space in the midst of trillions
of other galaxies in the known universe
that all of this
every grain of sand
every strand of DNA
every mote of stardust
the very atoms of existence
was created just for you.
I realize human life is the culmination
of a chain of events that had no more purpose or
volition than any other chemical reaction,
events that may have happened anywhere in our vast universe
and may continue to occur
over and over again.

Yet you call me arrogant.

You close your eyes and plug your ears
to the amazing discoveries of science
clinging to your insect deity as he scrambles
deeper and deeper
into the dark recesses of ignorance,
scurrying away from the light of knowledge
to reign over the
ever dwindling gaps left behind
by scientific advancement and exploration.
I gaze with wonder at mankind’s ingenuity
I am awestruck at every speck of knowledge we gain,
from the inner workings of our own molecules
to the very birth of stars.

Yet you call me a blind fool.

You revere a deity whom you say
sacrificed his own child
a being you claim is perfect
yet needs your constant praise and is jealous of other gods.
A god whose priests abuse the innocent.
You worship a being that you believe has
ordered genocide
condoned slavery
committed infanticide
orders women to be stoned or burned.
You love a deity that hates
those who are different
those who are female
those who are other.
I believe that the greatest good
we can do is alleviate pain and suffering
that the greatest evil
is one who willfully and uncaringly
causes that pain.

Yet you call me sinful.

You pray that one day soon
everyone will believe in your god
or be destroyed by him.
You rejoice that
the unbeliever
the sinner
the slut
the queer
the activist
the atheist
the Muslim
the Buddhist
the Christian
the Hindu
the Jain
the Jew
will burn in eternal torment
for defying your loving God.

I hope that one day soon
people will awake from the delusion.
I will rejoice
when they leave behind
the dogma
the hatred
the injustice
the disgrace
the repression
the slavery
the ignorance
the darkness
and step into the light of reason.

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